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-====== Welcome to the octanis Association's Wiki ======+====== Welcome to Octanis Association ======
-**octanis Association** promotes open and citizen-run projects around the field of software and electronics. We help members achieve their goals through hands-on workshops and guidance.+**Octanis Association**, the sister of Octanis Instruments, promotes open and citizen-run projects around the field of software and electronics.  
 +We help our members achieve their goals through hands-on workshops and guidance.
-**Find information on:** +** Who we are ** 
- +Raffael and Sam who work as full time engineers at Octanis Instruments during the day, run Octanis Association by night.
-  * [[orb:overview|Octanis Rover / Balloon]] +
-  * [[octanis-1:mission_overview|Octanis 1: Mission to Antarctica]] +
-  * [[octanisx:nestbox|Digital Nestboxes]]+
 **When and where to find us** **When and where to find us**
-We meet up every last Wednesday of the month starting at 18:30 to touch base on our projects and sync each otherThese nights are also very good for anyone wishing to become a member of Octanis as you can get taste for what we do and how.+During the pandemic, we try to avoid physical meetingsDrop an e-mail to if you want to come by for a visit.     
 +**Becoming a member** 
 +[[|Registration Form]] 
 +**Upcoming Events** 
 +[[|Meetup Page]] 
 +**Book our Space for your Event** 
 +[[|Booking Page]] 
 +**Using our Atelier** 
 +After becoming a member and attending the respective training session you can use the atelier by yourself. You can use all tools and materials up to total value of 50 CHF / year for free.
-Drop an e-mail to if you want to come by for a visit.    +There is an additional service fee for commercial support, provided by our partner Octanis Instruments. They also offer doing certain machine work for you or can design and make part for you.
 +**Atelier Prices**
 +  * 3D printing 1 CHF / h, (10 CHF / h commercial user), 30 CHF / kg material
 +  * Laser cutting, 16 CHF / h, (50 CHF / h commercial user), (Size: 650x450mm)
 +  * Soldering + Measurment, Free, (50 CHF / h commercial user)
 +[[|Report your tool time]]
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