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-====== Welcome to the octanis Association's Wiki ======+====== Welcome to Octanis Association ======
-**octanis** is an association for the undertaking of ambitiouschallenging and long-term projects together as multi-disciplinary studentsBy design, all of our projects are: +**Octanis Association**the sister of Octanis Instrumentspromotes open and citizen-run projects around the field of software and electronics 
-  * high risk/high return +We help our members achieve their goals through hands-on workshops and guidance.
-  * open and transparent +
-  * done mostly by students +
-  * not for profit+
-**Find information on:**+** Who we are ** 
 +Raffael and Sam who work as full time engineers at Octanis Instruments during the day, run Octanis Association by night.
-  [[orb:overview|Octanis Rover / Balloon]] +**When and where to find us**
-  [[octanis-1:mission_overview|Octanis 1: Mission to Antarctica]] +
-  [[octanisx:nestbox|Digital Nestboxes]]+
-**When and where to find us**<br/>+During the pandemic, we try to avoid physical meetings. Drop an e-mail to if you want to come by for a visit.    
-We meet up every Tuesday night to touch base on our projects and sync each other. These nights are also very good for anyone wishing to become a member of Octanis as you can get a taste for what we do and how.+**Becoming a member**
-Drop an e-mail to if you want to come by for a visit.    +[[|Registration Form]]
-----+**Upcoming Events**
 +[[|Meetup Page]]
 +**Book our Space for your Event**
 +[[|Booking Page]]
-<html>+**Using our Atelier**
-<hr/><href="" class="hubs-btn hubs-btn-blue"><img src="" width="20px"> +After becoming member and attending the respective training session you can use the atelier by yourselfYou can use all tools and materials up to a total value of 50 CHF year for free.
-<span>Association</span></a> +
 +There is an additional service fee for commercial support, provided by our partner Octanis Instruments. They also offer doing certain machine work for you or can design and make a part for you.
-<html> +**Atelier Prices** 
- +  * 3D printing 1 CHF h, (10 CHF h commercial user), 30 CHF kg material 
-<hr/><a href="" class="hubs-btn hubs-btn-blue"><img src="" width="20px"> +  * Laser cutting, 16 CHF h, (50 CHF h commercial user), (Size: 650x450mm) 
-<span>Recent Changes on this Wiki</span></a> +  * Soldering + Measurment, Free, (50 CHF h commercial user)
-</html> +
 +[[|Report your tool time]]
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