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Welcome to the octanis Association's Wiki

octanis is an association for the undertaking of ambitious, challenging and long-term projects together as multi-disciplinary students. By design, all of our projects are:

  • high risk/high return
  • open and transparent
  • done mostly by students
  • not for profit

Octanis 1 is our first mission to build a low-cost autonomous rover for polar, snow or ice covered regions. In this first iteration we will be specialising the rover for the coastal regions of Antarctica and its specific weather conditions.

Find information on:

Octanis 1: Mission to Antarctica Octanis Rover/Balloon Milestone History

  • Last Milestone: <COUNTDOWN:31.3.2016| “Easter Balloon”>
  • Next Milestone: <COUNTDOWN:1.9.2016| “Roving North”>
  • see Trello for details

Octanis 3 (candidate)


3D Print Order

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