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 +====== Welcome to the octanis Association'​s Wiki ======
 +**octanis Association** promotes open and citizen-run projects around the field of software and electronics. We help members achieve their goals through hands-on workshops and guidance.
 +**Find information on:**
 +  * [[orb:​overview|Octanis Rover / Balloon]]
 +  * [[octanis-1:​mission_overview|Octanis 1: Mission to Antarctica]]
 +  * [[octanisx:​nestbox|Digital Nestboxes]]
 +**When and where to find us**
 +We meet up every last Wednesday of the month starting at 18:30 to touch base on our projects and sync each other. These nights are also very good for anyone wishing to become a member of Octanis as you can get a taste for what we do and how.
 +Drop an e-mail to info@octanis.org if you want to come by for a visit.  ​