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 ===== Specifications ===== ===== Specifications =====
-Maximum work area: 680x470x125 mm+Maximum work area: 680×470×125 mm 
 +|Machine Size|1150×750×450mm| 
 +|Work Area|680×470×125mm| 
 +|Operational Accuracy|+-0.1mm| 
 +|Max Cutting Depth|12mm Poplar Ply, 6mm MDF, 6mm Acrylic| 
 +|Max Speed|Vector 30mm/s - Raster 300mm/s*| 
 +|File Formats|SVG, DXF, Ai, PDF, BMP, PNG, JPEG| 
 +|Connectivity|Standalone, WiFi, USB| 
 +|Material Focus|Auto Focus - Mechanical Sensor| 
 +|4th axis|Compatible| 
 +|Drive|0.9° Hybrid Stepper| 
 +|Belts|Polyurethane Steel Core| 
 +|Noise Level|Below 65dB| 
 +|Software|LaserWeb - LightBurn| 
 +|Power Usage|220-240VAC 50Hz 5A MAX| 
 +|Extraction|500m3/h Fan Standard| 
 +|Cooling|Active Refrigerant Chiller| 
 +|Optics|II-VI Infrared| 
 +|Controller|32 Bit Smoothieboard| 
 +|Output Power|45W Peak| 
 +|Mode Quality|M2 < 1.5| 
 +|Beam Diameter|4 - 4.5mm| 
 +|Beam Mode|TEM00| 
 +|Beam Divergence|3.5mR| 
 +|Wavelength|10.57 - 10.63μm|
-{{ :space:fabkit_specs_for_flyer-01.png?400 |}} 
 ===== Material library ===== ===== Material library =====
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