FabCreator MK5 Lasercutter

Maximum work area: 680x470x125 mm

What can I cut/engrave?

Proven speed/power settings

Please add yours as soon as you made a good cut!

Material Thickness Supplier Cutting Speed Cutting Power Engraving Speed Engraving Power
MDF 3 mm Coop B+H
Plexiglass 3 mm Obi 10 100
MDF 3 mm Obi 25 100

Install LaserWeb on your own Laptop

It is recommended to use the LightBurn software installed on our machine. However, if for some reason you want to control the laser from your computer, follow the instructions here:


Gcode configuration

Make sure the Fume Extractor gets activated during cutting!

M555 S230 ; Filter ON should be called whenever laser gets turned on (M3 ; Laser ON). This is usually part of the GCODE START commands. For the GCODE END commands M555 S40 ; Filter idle should be called after laser is turned off and machine was homed.

Laserweb support both SVG and DXF vector files.

You'll then need to assign each segments of your drawing to an operation : cut, engrave, mill, etc Depending how your file is generated by your CAD software and which actions are required, you will end doing a lot of selection and laserweb (LW) is not really not at doing this.

However you can save a lot of time by using layers or colors:

put all the segments of individual parts in a layer so you can easily select and move them around to optimize your sheets of material
if you have multiples ops, by-ops layering is also a good option: Layer1 is engrave, layer2 is cut (always engrave before cutting as parts can move a bit when cutted).

[Lightburn] Coordinate System has an offset


E.g. “go to center” sends the laser head to the right most end, instead of the center of the work area. Check the console after “get current position” and verify that MPOS and WPOS are different. If yes, then this is the problem.


Manually send Gcode (in console window) G10 L20 P1 X5 Y470 after homing the machine. More info here