Right from the start, we had to make compromises when it came to having space to work in. The association has reached a point where it needs to have its own space to fulfill its purpose. We have been looking for such a space and have now found it.

You can get in touch with the new space team here:

After: Bootstrapped space
After: Bootstrapped space
Before: Raw space
Before: Other side

What will the space be called?

You decide. Add and suggest new names here:

Provide a safe and independent space to members, such that projects can progress and chaos is permitted. Members can mingle, play, fail, succeed, learn from others and in workshops, advance their projects in an open environment created by the association which is detached from their “day job”. Members can leave their project boxes in common storage. Members can reserve a complete table for their project an extra fee, because it is a hassle to re-setup every day, impossible to store in a project box or out of convenience. Use of advanced tools like laser or CNC is subject to special conditions (security, fee). Workshops in the price range of non-students will be held monthly. Despite the existence of HQ, EPFL remains a vital channel (like in Hackuarium days) to gain members, hold outreach presentations, maintain relationships to labs and individuals, etc.


Member of Octanis? Join the new space team by participating in a tactical meeting. Dates are posted in the Slack channel: #new-space
  • Public transport: Metro direction Renens, get off at Crochy and walk
  • Trottinet: Follow metro direction Renens, turn left at Cerisaie, then right at roundabout, straight on until Centre Commerciale.

  • Every member of Octanis has access to the space.
  • We are working on an electronic access system (badge or key sharing box)
How the space could look like


  • Openbuilds CNC
  • 3D printers
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Faraday Rack
  • PCB Reflow oven
  • PCB Pick & Place machine

Work area:

  • ~10 Project Benches
  • Large common working area
  • Papeterie
  • Project box storage for members
  • Epicerie with materials and electronics


  • Cosy lounge, microwave/kitchen area
  • Book sharing
  • Beamer + Screen


  • 1 Monthly Workshop
  • Local meetup space
  • Open nights
  • Space: ~60m^2 (total size is 120m^2, we share 50% with Palmyra)
  • Address: Chemin du Croset 9, Ecublens
  • Closest Metro Station: Crochy
  • Parking: 5h Zone Blanche
  • Information regarding the recycling of trash can be found under space/recycling.
  • We are working on a model where project tables can be used by non members in exchange for a fee (members get special conditions).
  • The monthly workshop will contribute to paying for the rent as will any sales at events or from the epicerie.

* Co-working: Large table with comfortable and ergonomic chairs. Easy to reach power plugs.

* Electronics area: Large, ventilated soldering and measuring area for electronics tinkering and professional engineering.

* Project Benches: Private space for your projects.

* Octanis Instruments

* Lounge: Read a book or magazine on the large couch and have a cup of coffee or tea.

* Helmet Line


  • 1 x BEKANT Eichenfournier 280x140cm - 569.9 CHF
  • 4 x FLINTAN Vissle schwarz - 69.9 CHF
  • 99 Fr deliver
  • 1 x HAKAN lamp - 70 Fr
  • 1 x Billy - 80Fr

Hornbach Etoy:

  • A) 2 x Furnierschichtholz 42x70x2400 mm WoodPro - 16.9 CHF
  • B) 1 x Schalungsplatte 27x500x2500 PU Kante 3-Schicht - 27 CHF
  • C) 4 x Leimholzplatte Fichte B 800x400x18 mm - 5 CHF
  • D) 4 x Universalbrett 27x174x2000 mm Fichte - 12.5 CHF
  • E) 5 x Buildify Palette - 29 CHF
  • F) 2 x Kunststoffkette schwarz-gelb 6 mm - 5 CHF
  • 5 x Polystyrolplatte Swisspor XPS 300 GE Stärke 20 mm - 5.5 CHF


  • AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E - 79 Fr.

ELV: * homematic gateway * homematic actuator/sensor

Conrad: * homematic smoke alarm * homematic plugs

TME: * esp32 for workshop

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