Power Regulator PCB

ASSY-Number: 852316

Location: In the lower right corner in the back.

Status: Damaged. C10 blew out, short circuiting -28V scan through R22. R22 and C10 destroyed by excessive heat, C9 and R23 damaged.

Socket Cable Target Socket
PL11 In 11 Power Supply -
PL19 19 Video System SKT19
PL91 Out 91 Scan Rotation PL91
PL13 Out 13 Screen -
PL14 Out 14 Column Scan Amplifier PL14
PL16 Out 16 Scan Generator PL16
PL40 Out 40 Screen -
PL18 Out 18 Data System Mother PCB PL18
PL90 Out 90
PL15 Out 15 Electron Optics PL15
PL92 Out 92 Beam Modulation PL92
PL93 93
PL75 75
PL74 74
TP8 Earth 214 and Earth - -
  • Regulate and distribute the power to the SEM.
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