This page will give information about where to find what of the SEM.

The following image shows a global view of the SEM. Some parts of the enclosure are currently removed and therefore not shown on the image. The SEM consists of two main parts:

  • Left: The vacuum tower
  • Right: The control and video console

The vacuum tower is composed of the following mechanical and vacuum related parts:

  • Electron gun
  • Electron optics
  • Sample cavity with sample holder
  • Turbo-Vacuum pump
  • Pening gauge
  • Stand with spring damping

The tower also contains multiple PCBs towards the base:

The control console is made up of the following interface parts:

  • Image monitor
  • Control panels
  • Polaroid acquisition system

It further contains the major part of the electronics of the device. The control panel can be pivoted down and then openend. The majority of the PCBs are located here, either mounted to the ceiling or to the bottom part.

Underneath the control console, multiple devices concerned with the power supply are located. In order to access them, the metal panel just bellow the control console needs to be unscrewed. TODO add picture The following parts are located there:

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