SEM Interconnect

This page describes the cable interconnect between the vacuum part of the instrument and the control console.

Nr Purpose Destination
60 Gun - Filament Gun Supply (EHT Block)
61 Gun - Filament Gun Supply (EHT Block)
62 Gun - Grid Gun Supply (EHT Block)
134 Scintillator Gun Supply (EHT Block)
49 Electron Optics Electron Optics
56 Line Feed Column Scan Amplifier
57 Line Return Column Scan Amplifier
58 Frame Feed Column Scan Amplifier
59 Frame Return Column Scan Amplifier
43 Head Amplifier Output Video System
79 Head Amplifier Power Power Supply
82 Head Amplifier High Voltage Gun Supply (EHT Block)
47 AUX Power Supply AUX PSU Interface PCB
Collector Bias 400V for Grid Gun Supply (EHT Block)
67 EHT Interlock Gun Supply (EHT Block)
203 Aux Power Supply
2 Vacuum Interlock Supply Relay Box
187 (From Vacuum Interlock) ?!?
- Earth Earth

Cable 187

  • Is soldered directly onto the Vacuum Interlock Board
  • Two wire are connected
    • Green: Soldered to a +15V rail (next to R47)
    • Red: Carrying the output of the stage Alarm amplifier (next to Pin d of TR4)
Nr Purpose Destination
157 Stage Position Feedback Motor Controller
159 Stage Motor Motor Controller
160 Stage Motor Motor Controller
161 Stage Motor Motor Controller
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