Beam Modulation

ASSY-Number: A1-852380

Location: In the ceiling of the control console (See the map page.).

Status: Unknown

Socket Cable Target Socket
PL136 136 Dials for beam modulation
PL92 92 Power Regulator PCB PL92 Out
PL81 81B Electron Optics PCB PL81 (5-Pin connector on 3-Pin header)
PL51 IN 51 (Flat)
PL51 OUT 51 (Flat)
SK36 IN 36B Scan Generator SKT36
SK36 OUT 36B Beam Modulation SK36 TILT IN
SK36 TILT IN 36B Beam Modulation SK36 OUT
SK36 TILT OUT 36B Scan Rotation SKT36 IN


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