DIY Pick & Place Machine

A Pick and Place machine allows you to automatically place electronic components on a PCB in order to rapidly assemble electronic circuits - which is especially useful if you do mass production. As we have certain projects which require small to medium quantity batches of prototypes, this tool would be extremely useful to have, but commercial versions of these machines easily cost $10'000 upwards (For example this one).

Luckily, there are people like Anthony Webb, who simply build one themselves and upload the 3D model and component list online! The material costs come down to around $1000!

Then there is Jason Von Nieda and the openPNP community who wrote some really advanced open-source software which can be used to potentially drive any Pick and Place machine.

With these two components, there is really no excue not to have one in our lab, and therefore I decided to build one myself. This (work in progress) page is dedicated to document the build process to make it easier for other people with no prior mechanical hardware knowledge (like me) to rebuild Anthony's design and set up openPNP for it.

The main project page is available on Hackaday. Here is a video of the finished working machine:


The 3D model of the mechanical structure looks like this:

Anthony Webb's 3D model of his Pick and Place machine

If you're just starting out and would like to build the machine by yourself, have a look at these ressources first to get a clear

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