FBS Troubleshooting

Problem description Possible sources of error
Solar pannels or AC power supply don't charge batteries Temperature sensor in battery pack (Jack connector) is not plugged in

If even a fully charged battery is connected to the FBS and ALL the following conditions are true:

  • none of the LED's would turn on,
  • no buzzer sound is heard after connection,
  • the Ethernet connection is not working (i.e. no messages received in APM planner)

it is recommended to replace the internal electrical power subsystem (EPS). One replacement board is provided. A replacement can also be performed if the charging circuitry does not work anymore and the autonomy on the field without solar power is not sufficient.

To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the field base station case and carefully take out the grey box labelled with EPS. If needed, unplug its 3 USB connectors.
  2. Open the EPS case by pushing on both sides of the cover.
  3. On the left side, carefully unplug the two ribbon cable connectors
  4. Then lift the black PCB from its pin socket
  5. Undo all previous steps with the new EPS PCB. Don't forget to plug back in all 3 USB connectors if removed previously. Plug in battery to test if this solved the problem.

If instructed by mission control, new firmware can be flashed to the EPS. To do so, perform the following steps: 1) Download the new code: Open a git shell and type:

cd ccs_workspace/Octanis_Rover-EPS_firmware
git pull

2) Open Code Composer Studio (ccs). In the Project Explorer sidebar, select the Octanis_Rover-EPS_firmware project. CTRL + B to build the code. If errors occur, contact mission control.

3) Remove the EPS PCB from the FBS as described in the previous section.

4) Connect the provided red Launchpad PCB via the 4 already plugged-in cables as in the picture.

Double-check the connections before proceding! Inverse polarity will destroy the EPS.

5) Connect the USB cable of the red Launchpad PCB to the computer. In Code Composer Studio, click Run → Debug to flash the new code. When done, click Run → Resume and then Run → Terminate. If no errors occured, disconnect the USB cable and the EPS PCB from the red Launchpad PCB.

6) Return the EPS PCB back into place in the FBS.

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