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-= Want to change the worldbut don't know where to start? =+====== Octanis X ====== 
 +<blockquote>Want to change the world?...but don't know where to start?</blockquote>  
 +The first step is to [[https://www.octanis.org/association/ |become a member of Octanis]]. Then come present your **//thing//** and if it sticks, we will help you execute. Now don't get us wrong! We will **not** do the hard work for you. We will merely challenge you, solicit you to learn new things, point you in a direction (to a person or a thing), remind you to think about finite resources and pressure you to deliver.  
 +All this in an environment where you are not judged for how little or how much you know. [[http://octanis.org/rover | Don't believe it?]] 
 +**How we go about doing things:** 
 +   - Real world problem solving: something is bothering you? Fix it, convince others to help. 
 +   - Failure is our means to get to the best ideas. Fail, groan and get up again. 
 +   - You have managed to convince the other members of your idea? You get 2 weeks to come up with a prototype. 
 +**Things to note:** 
 +   - No secrets: If your [[https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Ideas |idea]] is as good as you say, nobody else but you will be able to realise it. 
 +   - No wasted time: Stop trying to predict the outcome of your **//thing//**. 90% chance you'll fail, but the time you spend "failing" is actually "learning" in disguise! 
 +   - No right time: Now is the time. There will never be a right time to do anything. 
 +   - No one size fits all: There will always be people who don't like your **//thing//**. Don't try to make everybody happy. 
 +//We meet every last Wednesday of the month at 18:30. Feel free to join, but be prepared.//
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