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   * weight < 69g   * weight < 69g
 +**First Draft**
 +{{ :octanisx:phone2.png?nolink&300 |}}
 +The following areas can be split up to work in parallel:
 +  * Connectivity (UMTS module, wifi module ...)
 +  * Display (select e-ink display, create software library, local update capability)
 +  * Buttons (Choose waterproof concept for buttons, interface them to MCU)
 +  * Battery (Charging and monitoring circuit, battery selection)
 +  * Audio (Microphone and Speaker, waterproofing, amplifiers)
 +  * Brain (MSP432 MCU, write OS and applications)
 +  * Waterproofing and indestructability (Find and remove weaknesses e.g. waterproof charging port)
 +**Software organisation**
 +The current idea is to have a separate task per hardware item and a central system task that executes the active application code. The different tasks communicate using message boxes, allowing the input tasks to be interrupt based. The different core tasks are the following:
 +  * System
 +  * Keyboard
 +  * Cellular
 +  * Display
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