Smart Nestbox Data Visualiser

Link to the Visualiser

Simply select all log files from one Smart Nestbox and drag & drop them into the Upload section. Then enter the linear regression values that were obtained during calibration in the text field below.

To download all events detected in the displayed log files, click on the Download button. This will export a .csv file with the following structure:

Timestamp (epoch) Used offset estimation (g) Detected ID #1 Detected ID #2 Detected ID #3 Weight points (w[0] … w[n]) [g]
1557255278 245 700D98F55 700D98F55 0FF00FF00 290, 294, 291, 292, 290, 293, 130, 10, 9, 5, 4, 3, 3, 1,
7 May 2019 18:54:38 GMT This was the “empty” weigh measured before this event ID #1 and #2 match –> probably they are correct probably measurement error The owl was standing on the perch for about 5 seconds after it got detected and it's weight is approximately 291 g. The total weight on the load sensor (including the wood, water, dirt) was 291 g + 245 g (i.e. gthe used offset to compensate). The numbers become smaller because the owl left.
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