Smart Nestbox Assembly Guide

  • Antenna pads laser cutting & assembly
    1. Cut the three layers of plexiglass with the laser cutter
    2. Glue together top and middle layer (make sure screw holes are well aligned!)
  • Perch wood cutting & pre-drilling of wood & plastic case
  • Mdf bar laser cutting & assembly with plastic case
  • RFID PCB pick & place
  • RFID cable assembly
  • Solder RFID PCB to antenna & strap down to perch
  • Test RFID frequency & range
  • If all works, pour epoxy resin into RFID box.
  • Load cell metal piece drilling & screwing to load cell
  • Load cell + perch assembly
  • User button drilling, screwing in, soldering cables
  • Inserting cable assemblies
  • Battery holder: terminal connectors, labelling and attaching into lid
  • PCB: soldering battery terminal, SD card headers
  • PCB: test 3.3V supply and close jumper
  • Solder button cables to PCB
  • Flash MSP, then ESP fw
  • Close all remaining jumpers, solder OpenLog + cables
  • Install and connect perch
  • Insert SD card, connect battery.
  • Turn on & connect to Wifi
  • Test RFID reader
  • Perform weight calibration
  • Turn off wifi, click user button to flush to SD card
  • Check contents of SD card on computer
  • If all works, fix PCB to case, fix cables to box & close lid, heat shrinks for load cell cable.
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