Smart Nestboxes

Slack: #nestbox-general, #nestbox-hardware, #nestbox-software

Website: http://nestbox.octanis.org

In collaboration with the Swiss Ornithological Institute:

Important for Field Test Phase
  1. Github for data upload, feedback and issue reporting.
  2. Visualiser for SD card data processing

Item description Sourcing price @ QTY:40 (CHF/US$)
Main data logger PCB 50
OpenLog for SD card logging 15
Cables, connectors 10
Case, battery holder, user button 15
RFID antenna 5
Antenna encapsulation 10
Load Cell 20
Perch wood, screws, glue, other materials 10
Battery 7
SD card 5
(optional: solar cells + charger) 15
(optional: LoRa) 20
Manufacturing time ca. 5-7 hours
TOTAL Kit price excl. manufacturing starting at CHF 157.-

Step-by-step Assembly Guide


Potential technologies to implement in future versions:

PIR motion sensor
  • promise extremely low power consumption.
  • lets us detect proximity of an owl and turn on the entire system.
Solar power harvesting
  • Requires charging circuit add-on
LoRa for data transfer
  • Low power wireless connection for sending in vital information and measurement data.
  • Real-time data synchronisation and alerts possible
  • Requires infrastructure (install gateways in proximity, 15 km radius)
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