Smart Nestboxes

Slack: #nestbox-general, #nestbox-hardware, #nestbox-software


In collaboration with the Swiss Ornithological Institute:

Important for Field Test Phase
  1. Github for data upload, feedback and issue reporting.
  2. Visualiser for SD card data processing

System components (v3)

Bill of Material

Item description Sourcing price @ QTY:40 (CHF/US$)
Main data logger PCB 50
OpenLog for SD card logging 15
Cables, connectors 10
Case, battery holder, user button 15
RFID antenna 5
Antenna encapsulation 10
Load Cell 20
Perch wood, screws, glue, other materials 10
Battery 7
SD card 5
(optional: solar cells + charger) 15
(optional: LoRa) 20
Manufacturing time ca. 5-7 hours
TOTAL Kit price excl. manufacturing starting at CHF 157.-

Step-by-step Assembly Guide


Field Tests

Project State


Potential technologies to implement in future versions:

PIR motion sensor
  • promise extremely low power consumption.
  • lets us detect proximity of an owl and turn on the entire system.
Solar power harvesting
  • Requires charging circuit add-on
LoRa for data transfer
  • Low power wireless connection for sending in vital information and measurement data.
  • Real-time data synchronisation and alerts possible
  • Requires infrastructure (install gateways in proximity, 15 km radius)