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Message Cube

Project Lead: Guillaume Thivolet.

This project originates from the need of a christmas gift for my mother. It's always difficult to know what to offer, and a present needs to have a meaning if you care about the people. Nowadays, the diversity and accessibility of means of communications could potentially give me the mean to reach out my mom whenever I want. But thats not what happens !

And thus the idea was born.

The message cube is a clock that you put next to your bed, in the kitchen, and it gives the possibility of sending messages in a new way ! With any of the electronic devices you have, you can use it to send a message to the clock that can be displayed whenever the person who owns it wants.

30/11/2017* I talked to two people at Sushi Zen today about the project and then they really liked it.

The Shushi zen lady was interested in the thing. She asked if she could have a poster to show to people so they can give their opinions on their favorite 3d model of the box.

The buttons are not well placed, they should be on top of the bow with somehow labels near them to now what is their use. The color is nice and the size is ok. They both wanted a larger screen.

They would buy the thing for 25 francs. They think its cheap and a fair price.

  1. Create a github with the different 3d models
  2. Creating a poster for the sushi zen lady
  3. Trying to design a better inside for the box
  4. Better documenting of the project
  5. Create layout for the labels on the box
  6. wait for the arrival of the new screen
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