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-====== Message Cube ======+====== Fujibox ======
-Project LeadGuillaume Thivolet.+{{:octanisx:boitier_blancbleu_tr.png?150|}} Project Lead Guillaume Thivolet and Chrisly Lasserre 
 +===== Fujibox ==== 
 +This project originates from the need of a christmas gift for my mother. It's always difficult to know what to offer, and a present needs to have a meaning if you care about the people. Nowadays, the diversity  and accessibility of means of communications could potentially give me the mean to reach out my mom whenever I want. But thats not what happens!  
 +And thus the idea was born.  
 +The message cube is a clock that you put next to your bed, in the kitchen, and it gives the possibility of sending messages in a new way! With any of the electronic devices you have, you can use it to send a message to the clock. 
 +The person owning the cube will be averted by a blinking light on the cube and will be able to display the message! 
 +===== Potential User Interviews ===== 
 +** 30/11/2017 ** 
 +I talked to two people at Sushi Zen today about the project and then they really liked it. 
 +The Shushi zen lady was interested in the thing. She asked if she could have a poster to show to people so they can give their opinions on their favorite 3d model of the box. 
 +The buttons are not well placed, they should be on top of the bow with somehow labels near them to now what is their use. 
 +The color is nice and the size is ok. They both wanted a larger screen. 
 +They would buy the thing for 25 francs. They think its cheap and a fair price. 
 +==== User feedback 12/12/2017 ==== 
 +I got a lot of feedbacks. 
 +| 14 VOTES  | 13 VOTES               | 11 VOTES               | 
 +Based on this poll, I will do two main colours for the box: white and red. 
 +The cover will be either in red, black, white, or blue. 
 +===== Technical aspects ===== 
 +==== Electronics =====  
 +   * ESP8266 
 +   * 1 push button 
 +   * 1 3-state button 
 +   * 1 red led 
 +   * OLED 128*64 screen 
 +   * 220 ohm resistor  
 +In the future I'd like a bigger screen (2" OLED), to switch on ESP32 aswell. 
 +==== Mechanics ===== 
 +  * 4 screws 
 +  * 3D printed parts, cover and body, costs ~ 8 francs at 15% infill 
 +==== Regarding what's on github ====  
 +Due to the time consuming task of maintaining an updated github with 3d models as they change a lot, and having a visual on each change is useful, I will use the Autodesk web provided interface to manage 3d model changes. If you want access, just ask me. An Autodesk account will be needed. 
 +However everything else will be monitored on [[https://github.com/Keriz/cube]]. Feel free to give it a look. 
 +Ultimately, if you want to see what I'm working on, head to the [[https://trello.com/b/KyF5oNmU/fujibox|trello]]. 
 +{{url>https://trello.com/b/KyF5oNmU.html [100%,450px]|Milestones Board}}  
 +===== What's next ? ===== 
 +  - Mount the new OLED when it arrives [DONE 12/12/2017] 
 +  - Work on the soft part to reduce current consumption 
 +  - Deliver the gift on December, 25th [PROTOYPE DONE] 
 +  - Gather feedback again 
 +  - Open the tindie page 
 +====== What's your end goal? ====== 
 +First of all, I would like to give the first finished Fujibox to my mother for christmas. 
 +I will then work on it after gathering feedback, and work again on the project to allow anyone to offer this box to someone they like. 
 +This will ultimately result in the creation of a Tindie shop.
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