Ublox NEO 6M module

  • Protocol: NMEA via UART
  1. Download u-center from ublox
  2. Connect the ublox module to your computer via a USB to Serial converter (3V)
  3. Open u-center, select the correct Receiver COM port: Receiver → Port. If correctly connected, data will now be displayed in the u-center views.
  4. To configure the device, open: View → Configuration View
  5. NAV5 view: dynamic platform model can be set to portable, airborne (50km altitude limit) or pedestrian. Default: portable.
  6. PM view: settings of interest: peak current reduction (p.25 in datasheet), EXTINT pin control high keeps awake.
  7. MSG: DTM off, GBS off, GGA on, GLL off, GRS off, GSA off, GST off, GSV on, RMC off, VTG on, ZDA off
  • $GPGGA,hhmmss.ss,Latitude,N,Longitude,E,FS,NoSV,HDOP,msl,m,Altref,m,DiffAge,DiffStation*cs<CR><LF>
  • $GPGSV,NoMsg,MsgNo,NoSv,{,sv,elv,az,cno}*cs<CR><LF>
  • $GPVTG,cogt,T,cogm,M,sog,N,kph,K,mode*cs<CR><LF>
  • ex: $EIGPQ,RMC*3A (poll an NMEA message) → p.58 in ubx datasheet
  • Waypoint manager: Remotely updateable waypoint store (home is by definition the first waypoint of the table
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