Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's Octanis?
  • Why is Octanis yellow?
  • What's the final goal of Octanis?

We want to develop a cheap and easy to assemble robot that is accessible to everybody, from curious people, high-school students, master students to professional in any field than want to explore places that are not accessible either because is too far and too expensive or because they are dangerous for humans to explore. We are in love with Science and Exploration and we want to share this feeling with everybody, we want that people can run their own experiments and collect realistic data by their own using our rover, with the advance of today technology this option should be available to everybody and we are working to make this reality.

  • Why do we send Octanis1 to Antarctica?

Octanis1 is our first rover and we want to prove by practice the idea of an autonomous explorer-rover that can flight and land to an un-accessible place and explore without any environmental damage and send data back.

  • Why do we use a balloon?
  • How is Octanis going to Antarctica?
  • Why building a 3D-printed robot?
  • Who's sponsoring us?
  • Why do we want to make a robot-kit?
  • How does our insulation in the rover works?
  • How much energy does Octanis1 need?
  • For how long is Octanis1 going to stay in Antarctica?
  • How does the mechanical design of the rover work?
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