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   * Model: "​Rockseven Rockblock"​   * Model: "​Rockseven Rockblock"​
   * Using the Iridium SBD service   * Using the Iridium SBD service
 +  * 2400b/s
   * [[http://​rockblock.rock7mobile.com/​downloads/​RockBLOCK-Developer-Guide.pdf|Developers Guide]]   * [[http://​rockblock.rock7mobile.com/​downloads/​RockBLOCK-Developer-Guide.pdf|Developers Guide]]
 {{::​screen_shot_2014-09-03_at_18.34.37.png?​700|}} {{::​screen_shot_2014-09-03_at_18.34.37.png?​700|}}