DIY Microfluidics Using a Chinese CNC mill

Ongoing doc ;)
  • Be able to create a functional chip that
    • is designed and made within 1 hour
    • that is bleach, ethanol/ipa resistant
    • that can be heated up to 100C
    • optically translucent and not too auto-fluorescent
    • could be produced in the 10, 100, 1000s
    • easy to upgrade to injection moulding
    • solid and can be stored indefinitely

Step 1: Designing the Chip (CAD)

Step 2: Transforming to Machine Code (CAM)

Step 3: Operating the CNC

Step 4: Sealing/Bonding the Chip

  • Bubbles!
  • Can we treat (and how) the surface of PMMA to do what?

  • T8 lead screws for X, Y and Z
  • 12mm steel rods
  • an 80W DC spindle
  • GRBL controller
  • NEMA steppers
  • 20×20 alu extrusion
  • ER11 collet
  • Ball bushings
  • Power supply (12-36V)