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CAN Bus Analysis on Linux

  • Get an SLCAN adapter (like the Zubax Babel or the CVRA USB dongle)
  • Follow this guide to setup your adapter as a local network interface:
    • sudo slcand -o -s8 -t hw -S 3000000 /dev/ttyACM3 -F #8 is 1Mbps can rate (works for Maxon Bikedrive)
    • sudo ip link set up slcan0
  • Install wireshark and add your local user to the wireshark group
  • Open wireshark and select the slcan0 interface
  • If your adapter is on the bus, packets should start showing
  • If you know that your CAN bus devices are using CANopen (like the Maxon Bikedrive), you can make wireshark decode the frames: Go to “Analyze > Decode as”. Then select CAN next level dissector from the drop down and in the protocol list, select CANopen. You should see something like this:

  • canopen.cob_id == 0x281
    • PDO2 (tx)
    • Data field changes only when motor is powered and remains at last state when stopped. Changing torque settings makes no difference.
  • canopen.cob_id == 0x181
    • PDO1 (tx)
    • Appears to be some sort of counter. The data field portion in bold remained static and the underlined was incrementing by 1 approximately every 20s. 37:03:00:00:4a:4c:9d:40
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