C-Beam Machine CNC Mill

Parts: - 4 Xtreme Mini V Wheel Kits (OD 15.23mm) - 4 M5x25mm screws - 2 6mm aluminium spacers - 2 6mm eccentric spacers (mini size wheels) - 1 C-Beam Gantry plate

Push bearing into mini-v wheel, insert 1 precision mini shim and insert another bearing. Do this for all 4 wheels.

Assemble the gantry plate like in the picture.


Set the preload tension: https://youtu.be/HVR8pABCHXI?t=421

Parts: - Anti-Backlash Nut Block - 2 M5 nuts - 2 3mm aluminium spacers - 2 M5x20mm screws

Insert the set screw on the Anti-Backlash nut block and tighten it just as much as to remove the slack from the plastic part. Screw on the nut as in the picture to lock it in place.


Screw the nutblock onto the gantry plate assembly, with the 3mm spacers in between. Don't tighten it too much or the plastic nut block might get damaged.


Link: https://youtu.be/HVR8pABCHXI?t=598 Parts: - 6 Xtreme Solid V Wheel Kits - 6 M5x25mm screws - 3 6mm aluminium spacers - 3 6mm eccentric spacers - 1 V-Slot gantry plate - 1 Anti Backlash Nut Block Kit - 2 M5x20mm screws - 2 3mm aluminium spacers

Build the six V Wheels by sandwhiching a spacer by two bearings inside the plastic wheel:


Attach the nut block to the gantry.


Locate one of the 500mm C-Beams and mark it as the X axis. Spacer side = Top, eccentric side = bottom. Slide the gantry onto the C-Beam and turn the eccentrics to get a snug fit (https://youtu.be/HVR8pABCHXI?t=800).

Parts: - X Axis Gantry - 1 C Beam 250mm (Z axis) - 8 M5x10mm - 8 Slot Washers - 8 T-Slot Nuts

Drop the screws in: x

Tape the screws: x

Add washers and T nuts: x

Slide it on the c beam and tighten the screws: x

Slide the Z axis onto the X axis and make sure there is no play when sliding. Adjust eccentrics as necessary: x

Parts: - 2 40mm aluminium spacers - 1 1/4“ x 8mm flexible coupling - 2 8x16x5 ball bearing (688Z) - 2 8mm shim - 2 8mm lock collar - 8 M5 x 20mm screws - 2 C-Beam end mount plates - M5 x 55mm screws - 1 NEMA 23 Stepper motor - 1 8mm lead screw (250mm)

First off, use sand paper to remove just enough material off of the ends of the lead screw such that the bearing will fit on (https://youtu.be/HVR8pABCHXI?t=1165).

Screw the plate onto the bottom of the Z axis assembly: x

- Soft screws - Threads not complete

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