Friday, 31.3.2016 19:00

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Friday, 17.3.2016 19:00

Location: MED 3 2215

Present: Ana, Marion, Quentin, Raffael, Sam


Review in next meeting.


Members at both Octanis & Hackuarium will receive a unified Canela account. New Octanis members will have access to an online learning platform, after they pay their membership fee.

Rack will be demonstratable in end of March (visit Vandergheynst).

Rack inauguration as early as possible before the exam periods starts.

When all entrevues are done, we will make a report (Franziska) and demonstrate the pain points to DLL & EPFL.

Get back rover & plan for summer team in May. Summer team == work at DLL and use all the available tools!

Interassociation day / 1-week Hackathon at DLL at the beginning of next semester.

Display rack on esplanade on a regular basis.


  • Weekly meeting at EPFL: first conclusions + set a date AGEPoly –> next week friday at 5.
  • Recruiting other committee member? –> Raffael will post ad at UNIL & recruit members via email (newsletter).
  • EPFL Association meetings –> Time-consuming!
  • Virtual meetings (TX, CA, …) –> need to keep a record of these: (Raffael will add a wiki page to keep a record)
  • EPFL Rack Inauguration campaign: –> add Testimonials/Statements why we are at octanis. We'll use that as advertising.
  • Planning is now here (and all waffle tasks are printed + hanging in MED):
  • CANELA Card – inter-community access card and login. paying octanis members receive an access card and account. This card is a neutral card with no logo, just the dog, and goes to Hkm & Octanis members, and potentially more.
    • 1) - new octanis member signup form
    • 2) How To Octanis Course “self enrol”
    • 3) Treasurer verifies user and sends invoice
  • Poodle –> this will collect all the information about how to work in the association and learning plans for various skills that members may want to acquire.



  • STIL: conclusions –> lot of people came to the stand and were positively surprised to see the progress. Many people now come to the open night and are interested to learn. We are pre-inscribed for next year's stil.
  • Arduino workshop –> 7 participants. some have not yet paid (Quentin will check with beat
  • Rack inauguration
  • Microbiology workshop can be organised towards summer (Marion)
  • Future events? –> Elargis tes horizons
  • recruiting event for comité (1h presentation).
  • Summer Team!


  • Flash Article - decide on a date:
  • Social media updates –> take photos at the open nights!
  • TI article & Antarctic affairs journal article [todo: Raffael]
  • creation of mailing list + weekly updates to members →!forum/octanis-members [Ana and Marion will take care of this]
  • Hang up poster in ELA building again (Owl + Rover) (done today)
  • The semester mail (1 week before) + approval of posters

Owl boxes

  • Hardware: state & component ordering.
  • Firmware: to be started
  • Transponders: dimensions


  • State EPFL rack –> not finished, just ordered a lot of components to fill it. We can make a build-the-rack day on a weekend. date TBD.
  • State Hackuarium rack, not


  • Copenhagen – decide on a date or yes/no this week! –> Decline the offer due to time constraint
  • Answer Randy: he can go ahead and upload it.
  • Air sampler –> Marion found a person to work on it!

Monday, 20.2.2016 20:00

Location: MED 3 2215

Present: Sam, Ana, Marion, Quentin, Raffael


(dt = 17.December - 20. February)

KPI Value Your Rating Notes
Resident members 26 (↑ by 2) {(rater>id=8143413name=kpi 1type=vote)}
Slack users 17 active / 20 inactive ( = ) {(rater>id=8143414name=kpi 2type=vote)}
Slack messages sent (since last board meeting) 1300 (↓) {(rater>id=8143425name=kpi 3type=vote)}
Internal events (since last board meeting) 1 (↓) {(rater>id=8143415name=kpi 4type=vote)} new year, oscilloscope, pipetting
External events (since last board meeting) 0.5 (↓) {(rater>id=8143416name=kpi 5type=vote)} arduino ws (cancelled)
Media mentions (since last board meeting) 0 (↓) {(rater>id=8143417name=kpi 6type=vote)}
FB likes 989 (↑) {(rater>id=8143418name=kpi 7type=vote)}
Twitter followers 236 (↑) {(rater>id=8143419name=kpi 8type=vote)}
Checkins ? (↓) {(rater>id=8143420name=kpi 9type=vote)}
Meetup members 98 (↑) {(rater>id=8143421name=kpi 11type=vote)}
Upcoming meetups 2 (↑) {(rater>id=8143422name=kpi 12type=vote)}
Actionable Items completed ? (?) {(rater>id=8143423name=kpi 10type=vote)}
External requests for products/services/code 3 (*) {(rater>id=8143424name=kpi 10type=vote)} PM, Nicolas (CPH), Edward (TX)
  • Weekly meeting at EPFL –> Every tuesday 19:15 in DLL room: MED32215

Owl boxes

  • Hardware: state & component ordering.
  • Semester project: 1 remaining student; looking for supervising professor –> Contacting Beuchat, Schmid, Alcherio.

Other topics

  • This room, DLL et al –> This room is a privilege, and we have to take extra care (in comparison to hackuarium). It is hopen how long we can keep it, but the more they like our activities & the more we make this space alive, the better. 3 people should be in the room sporadically during the day.
    • This closer relationship to EPFL is the result of 3 years of hard work & started with “le village”, presence at STIL, acknowledgement, and our approach to DLL last autumn.
    • Anders ←→ Pascal: We will try to unite these two initiatives instead of having them in competition.
  • Rack construction –> the one at DLL should be used by the students of these classes! Will be the first real use case. Goal: Must be finished for STIL.
    • The rack concept is not just for electronics/mechanics, but there should be one for all the disciplines! What they all have in common is to inspire peolple to start a project/use the tools and break down barriers. “Tools that are not hidden, but accessible by everyone.”
  • Advertising: EPFL email; Use EPFL screens! Arduino workshop ad is running and visible.
    • Also next time: use memento for the workshop.
  • TI article & Antarctic affairs journal article [todo: Raffael];
  • Flash article –> Ana
  • STIL preparations: Who? Ana 7-10, 12-end &; Marion: 12-13, 16-end; Beat: 7-9 & 18-end; Sam: If need be, 7-10, 14-end; Quentin: away. Raffael will recruit from 9-14.
  • UNIPOLY meeting and other asso meetings. Very early in the process; still want ot meet more assos before agepoly…

If time allows

  • Forum sponsoring: must be an event –> inauguration of the racks (on Thursday May 4th)! the budget will cover the event, the t-shirts, gadgets…
  • Copenhagen – decide on a date this week and answer
  • Balloon launch: We still have helium! (later! air sampler has to be done first –> advertise at STIL for the project.)

Monday, 5.2.2016 8:00

Location: UNIL Amphimax Cafeteria

Present: Ana, Marion, Raffael, Sam

Excused: -

Motto: Our association started a long time ago and many things have happened in the mean time. The content on our website is still more or less the same since day 1. We are in the middle of a critical period of time where we have the perfect opportunity to rephrase the texts to make them clearer, but also to target specific audiences better as an association. At the same time, we have different projects ongoing which are taking us in many different direction. They help us learn who we really are and who we want to be. On a more practical note: We always offered our tools to our members and the experience was that members couldn't easily use them or find them. A new way of managing tools is to organise them into computer controlled racks. These racks have individual compartments that can be reserved by members and guests, who are instructed on-screen on how to use the tools (which cannot be removed from the rack). This “mobile lab on wheels” is also a great piece to show to potential collaborators and students, convincing them that “almost anything is possible on just 1m^2”. a goal for the end of the year would be to have a bio/chem rack, with mini lavabo, mini fridge, mini hood, etc! we can surely find a sponsor for this project as it's encapsulated in itself and not too expensive!“

  • Board member updates → How is life :)?
  • Workshops:
    • Beat
    • Ana
    • Marion
  • Project updates
    • Nestbox
    • Rover
    • Phone
    • Balloon
    • EH relations
  • Octanis Next
    • Sam: new member onboarding website will include
      • quota for epfl 50%
      • signup for patrons
      • automatic creation of wiki account (encourage to document!)
      • more efficient management of members (using a simple wordpress interface)
    • Sam: the rack
      • is a physical tower with different electronically controlled workbenches and tools
      • it has a 1m^2 footprint
      • main goal is to make the tools more accessible and to remove barriers (the touch interface will directly include tutorials on using the tools)
      • every user of the rack must reserve a timeslot
      • patrons and members of octanis have priority to use the rack, guests can use the rack too!
      • the rack:
      • user interface (see gdrive > lab > rackwebsite > pdf)
      • finished by beginning of semester
      • goal: take it to STIL
    • Sam: BEFORE we do the new website, i suggest that we setup an informal meeting with every association president/committee to have a coffee. but i need your help (french!) :)
    • Sam: before semester starts, we need to order some A3 flyers (e.g. to introduce rack), note paper with octanis logo (to give to students and keep in the rack), mugs (for our sponsors) and octanis 1 mission patches (also for our sponsors). → → mission patches: to be found
    • Sam: new website proposal ready for the next board meeting
      • documents on this are currently developing on the gdrive > events_comm > website
      • main difference will be:
        • clear definition of our objectives depending on _who_ is visiting the website
        • emphasis on patrons
        • how can we help you? → For Institutions / → For Companies / → For Everyone
        • recruitment of members plutot at EPFL to respect the 50% quota automatically and to be able to find our successors

Conclusion: What is your availability? Can we setup 3 seperate days to work on the above together? Do you prefer to work alone?

Some more things:

  • Weekly meeting room reservation at EPFL –> What are your schedules?
  • Use EPFL screens! Arduino workshop ready
  • TI article [todo: Raffael];
  • Antarctic affairs journal article;
  • Rover Pre-Order from Nicolas (Call on Tuesday, 19h!)
  • Balloon launch: We still have helium.
  • Semester projects: 2 candidates so far
  • Maker faires vienna; Konstanz
  • Rack for chem!


Tuesday, 20.12.2016 19:00

Present: Ana, Raffael, Quentin, Sam

Excused: Marion

(dt = 22.August - 17.December)

KPI Value Your Rating Notes
Resident members 24 (↑ by 11) {(rater>id=814341name=kpi 1type=vote)}
Slack users 17 active / 22 inactive send out mail! {(rater>id=814342name=kpi 2type=vote)}
Slack messages sent (since last board meeting) 1587 (↑) {(rater>id=814343name=kpi 3type=vote)}
Internal events (since last board meeting) 5 ( = ) {(rater>id=814344name=kpi 4type=vote)} dt, pcb1+2, oscilloscope, pipetting
External events (since last board meeting) 1 ( = ) {(rater>id=814345name=kpi 5type=vote)} bilbao makerfaire
Media mentions (since last board meeting) 2 {(rater>id=814346name=kpi 6type=vote)}  rts, bilbao
FB likes 976 (↑) {(rater>id=814347name=kpi 7type=vote)}
Twitter followers 216 (↑) {(rater>id=814348name=kpi 8type=vote)}
Checkins 84 (↑) {(rater>id=814349name=kpi 9type=vote)}
Meetup members 77 (↑) {(rater>id=8143411name=kpi 11type=vote)}
Upcoming meetups 0 (↓) {(rater>id=8143412name=kpi 12type=vote)}
Actionable Items completed 4 (↓) {(rater>id=8143410name=kpi 10type=vote)}
  • Board member updates (5min)
    • Raffael: Sponsorships, Coordination internal meetings
    • Quentin: Flashforge updates –> 480USD offer for the Finder model
    • Marion: Feedback from press, Microbio workshop, STIL 2017
    • Ana: Feedback from social media, Octave workshop, STIL 2017
    • Sam: Hackuarium, EPFL, new 3d printer, workshops start promotion on 1st January
  • Review of Sponsorships (Raffael, 1min)
  • Glacier3000
  • TI
  • AMS
  • SwissRe
  • Texner
  • Olimex
  • Project updates (5min):
    • Rover
    • Balloon → Air Sampler
    • Nestbox
      • Answer A. Roulin
      • Search for professors
Work on actionables (20min)
Plan February together, use Octanis Calendar

agreed upon in this board meeting:

  • [???]: Maker Faire Vienna
  • [???]: New 3D printer evaluation
  • [Sam]: Quota respecting member registration form (also: face pic upload:
  • S: What do we do with inactive or stalkers → delete obvious ones!
  • A: Make matlab meetup
  • Q: Flashforge higher end model?
  • S: jahia adapt advertisement
  • A: write article about octanis 1 in flash magazine on 31st jan
  • R: same thing as above in e2e
  • M: write stil response
  • M: add ana as orga + quentin
  • A: make post for gl3000 on fb
  • M: pullovers from texner?
  • S: HELIUM tank etc storage?
  • Q*: if time, translate the nestbox page
  • R: beats list of profs for owls
  • Q: ask atienza if can support a bachelor project
  • S: sms bot
  • S: checkbox on form, do you want your pic to appear on website
  • A: redesign the access card
  • S: poster, biz cards, stickers, pullovers, pens, tshirts designs
  • S: octanis 1 mission patch to send to sponsors etc.
  • S: tiny 3d printed constellation rover
  • S: plan a photo op
  • A: LaTeX workshop future meetup ana
  • S: write final report for octanis 1 / constellation
  • S: new website (press pages, why donate to octanis (see stanford page))
  • A: translate website to spanish

agreed upon in last board meeting:

  • [Ana] Mention all sponsors on Twitter that their material is now in Antarctica
  • Maxon, ublox, olimex, bluebird, glacier3000,
  • Vandergheynst (EPFL)
  • Instagram: @epfloutthere
  • [Marion] write to EFPL & sponsors on facebook
  • [Sam]: Workshop “how to make solar panels”
  • [Ana]: Workshop “how to make parachutes”
  • [Marion]: Instructables: airpump
  • [Marion]: Shares
  • [Sam]: EPFL jahia website
  • [Sam]: Advance on Nestbox project: finish website, advertise to students in ENAC
  • [Sam]: Present octanis to dean
  • [Marion/Raffael]: add “why donate to octanis”
  • [Sam/Ana]: Instructables on balloon launch
  • [Ana]: looks for all the articles covering us at bilbao
  • [Raffael]: Add press page to websate
  • [Raffael]: follow up with 3D printer guys from Bilbao
  • [Raffael]: Maker Faire Rome
  • [Quentin]: Update expenses/revenues list by the end of every month
  • [Quentin]: Prepare letter to Senator

21.11.2016 19:30



No summary today, due to work on dashboard and Bilbao.

  • Board members roles & schedules
    • Marion: stays at least for another year. Comm: Facebook. Internal Comm: Reposts board decisions in slack #general.
    • Ana: till summer at least. Comm: Facebook
    • Sam: till summer (Stockholm). Usual stuff. Head of owl-boxes.
    • Quentin: will know in a few weeks; projects 1-2 year. Treasuring; Helps with Comm.
    • Raffael: here till february. Sponsoring/Keep companies updated/Owl boxes engineering/Rover “support”. Workshops
  • Next general assembly: very informal, just sign everything.
  • Rover Dashboard & Rockblock credit funding:
    • “Crowdfunding”: test how good we can engage people to fund the communication
    • Sponsors: for adding their logo on the site.
  • Bilbao: Summary
  • Ana: “matlab/octave workshop”: Rocket-thing simulation. February 4th.
  • Marion: Bacteria workshop rescheduling state: Only one person answered for this week. –> reschedule to next february (first week of semester) for the meetup page, right after the high-school kids
  • Finances updated
  • [Ana] Mention all sponsors on Twitter that their material is now in Antarctica
    • Maxon, ublox, olimex, bluebird, glacier3000,
    • Vandergheynst (EPFL)
    • Instagram: @epfloutthere
  • [Marion] write to EFPL & sponsors on facebook
  • [Sam]: Workshop “how to make solar panels”
  • [Ana]: Workshop “how to make parachutes”
  • [Marion]: Instructables: airpump
  • [Marion]: Shares
  • [Sam]: EPFL jahia website
  • [Sam]: Advance on Nestbox project: finish website, advertise to students in ENAC
  • [Sam]: Present octanis to dean
  • [Marion/Raffael]: add “why donate to octanis”
  • [Sam/Ana]: Instructables on balloon launch
  • [Ana]: looks for all the articles covering us at bilbao
  • [Raffael]: Add press page to websate
  • [Raffael]: follow up with 3D printer guys from Bilbao
  • [Raffael]: Maker Faire Rome
  • [Quentin]: Update expenses/revenues list by the end of every month
  • [Quentin]: Prepare letter to Senator

11.09.2016 19:30

Present: Sam, Raffael, Quentin

Absent: Marion

Guest: Beat


Actionable Items completed = 13 / 15

  • Go over last board meetings actionable items.
  • HT ?
  • Call for course submissions
  • Bookkeeping before GA: “bilan apuré et des comptes de pertes et profits” prepared? (Bilanz und Erfolgsrechnung, Einfache Buchhaltung)
  • GA invitation: invitation goes out on 14september
  • new workshop idea: pcb workshop
  • Change of UC space –> ask for seperate space in UC, if possible
  • Octanis does… –> restructure the website to communicate more clearly what we do (with words that people already know like “makerspace”).
  • Change of view on member projects
  • Quentin: verify bookkeeping format according to swiss law “einfache buchhaltung”
  • Sam: UC meeting attend: we want space
  • Sam: invitation goes out on 14september
  • Marion: Prepare welcome pack before GA
  • Marion: Call HT to stress about GA
  • Raffael/Quentin: 5th november workshop for pcb
  • Sam: Send out “call for submissions” for courses (also to rpi worshop participants)
  • Send feedback to @planck
  • Google Drive cleanup, proposal:
    • Projects
      • ConstellationRover
      • AirSampler
      • LeVillage
    • Library
    • Operations
      • Events
      • Accounting
      • Membership
      • Marketing&Communication
    • Temp

Monday, 22. August 2016 19:30

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. Peter Drucker

Present: Quentin, Marion, Raffael, Sam


KPI Value Your Rating Notes
Resident members 13 {(rater>id=81431name=kpi 1type=vote)}
Slack users 27 {(rater>id=81432name=kpi 2type=vote)}
Slack messages sent (since last board meeting) 1156 {(rater>id=81433name=kpi 3type=vote)}
Internal events (since last board meeting) 5 {(rater>id=81434name=kpi 4type=vote)}
External events (since last board meeting) 1 {(rater>id=81435name=kpi 5type=vote)} OpenHackuarium on LoRa
Media mentions (since last board meeting) 1 {(rater>id=81436name=kpi 6type=vote)} Flash p.11
FB likes 920 {(rater>id=81437name=kpi 7type=vote)}
Twitter followers 165 {(rater>id=81438name=kpi 8type=vote)}
Checkins 58 {(rater>id=81439name=kpi 9type=vote)}
Actionable Items completed n/a {(rater>id=814310name=kpi 10type=vote)}
  • Board member roles and responsibilities
    • Sam: Vision
    • Raffael: Sponsorships, Outreach, Coordination internal meetings
    • Quentin: Contact to Sponsors, Treasury
    • Marion: Event initiations (ETH, Salon SV, AirLady), Media: in touch with 20min, RTS (not responding), Facebook/Twitter/Meetup
  • @Quentin: bookkeeping must be ready and properly setup for the general assembly in september
  • Review of Sponsorships
    • Glacier3000 contacted
    • TI contacted
    • AMS, not contacted yet, waiting
    • SwissRe founded, contacted
    • Texner contacted, but no response yet, maybe more when we're EPFL ack'ed
  • PR: We need someone to pro-actively write newsletters, tweets, blog posts and events
    • Raffael would like to write the Glacier3000 posts
  • Have you read the EPFL proposed statutes?
  • French website ASAP
  • Clarifications:
    • Octanis facility use by non-members
    • Octanis stock
  • Outlook: 50% of work for clients
    • Board is OK
  • Gianpaolo will help us buy  fibre cables for the nanodrop
  • Air sampler updates
    • Alejandra + Marion designed DIY air sampler
    • Will test it tonight
  • Bio reactor updates
  • FTIR updates
  • Checkin cards
  • Zurich Maker Faire 17/18 September → someone can go with Marc?
  • Next General Assembly
    • Success stories / Failure stories
    • Communicate KPI
    • Secretary General
  • BBQ Hackuarium 1. October
  • Everyone: give feedback (positive and negative) to at least 3 members of Octanis via  Speedback.
  • Everyone: Next internal event: Glacier in 1 week, next external: raspi wshop, makerfaire
  • Marion : make contact with le temps, 24h, srf, rts, 20min
  • Marion: make a p-touch label for backside of checkin card
  • ✔ Marion: create page for octanis
  • ✔ Quentin: Thursday, Quentin will print physical forms and install a folder to place forms in
  • ✔ Quentin: Link the new membership forms
  • Quentin: Sending application to random foundation by end of week
  • Marion: Welcome pack = checkin card backside, A4 page of courses to take at octanis (3d printing, soldering course, dna extraction)
  • Sam: give access to Quentin & Marion for twitter + facebook
  • ✔ Raffael: change our statutes to epfl model + send to Marion for correction
  • ✔ Marion: call H T after receipt of statutes from Raffael
  • ✔ Quentin: Website translation: make /fr in Jekyll directory and translate to French using Marions texts
  • Raffael: Add delta kit link accessibly to website
  • ✔ Quentin: FTIR open TODOs documented and publicly accessible (see github page)

1. July 2016 10:30am

Present: Sam, Raffael, Marion, Quentin

Excused: -


  • Welcome Day & Antarctica Task Force planning
  • Coaching new members
  • Air Metagenomics updates?
  • EPFL acknowledgement updates
  • Next balloon launch
  • Finances presentation
  • Rover, Octanis 1, Octanis names and how to use them
    • Constellation
    • Inspiration
    • Le Robot
    • Spongebob
    • Spongebot
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